16 December 2012
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Referral Program

The guide2marbella.com Referral Program is a great way for existing members to earn commssion by referring other advertisers to us.
Its Simple  
We recognize 'word-of-mouth' advertising as our most favorable method of achieving more customers. As such we want to reward existing members who are pleased with our service can refer us to other prospective advertisers. While the advertiser you referred will purchase a listing plan from us, we will give you 20% of total amount as commission.  
How it works?  
When the advertiser you referred creates a new listing, put your 'member name' as reference code. You can always access your referral account and see how many advertisers you referred have actually purchased the listing plan and how much money you earned. Your referral commission check will be send to each time you achieve €100.  
Any questions? please email - referrals@guide2marbella.com  
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